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Artificial Grass Installation


Step 1.   Put artificial grass rolls in position:

Each roll of artificial grass is rolled out carefully and put in position according to design drawing.

Step 2.   Trimming edge:

When turf is manufactured, an extra couple of inches of backing material remains along the edge of the turf. The extension runs the length of the turf roll on both sides after the lasting stitching row of yarn. Before you can joint two pieces of turf together, you must remove the extra backing material with knife. Except the above reason, artificial grass need cut according to fields condition.

Step 3.   Gluing:

After rolling out artificial grass, place the joint tape under the seam, the seams are glued to joint tape by artificial grass special glue.

Step 4.   Install white line

Sports artificial grass fields, especially football artificial grass, need white line to mark various function area.  After the grass are installed, we need put white line ( white artificial grass ) into the field by right position.

Step 5.   Process the glue seams:

All seams receive extra pressing to ensure that they don't form weak spots in the artificial grass.

Step 6.   Infill ( rubber & sand ):

Once the artificial grass has been installed, it need infill rubber granule and quartz sand. The infill process can be done by manual or by artificial grass infill equipments.

Artificial grass Install Equipments ( when have demand, please contact us )

Step 7.   Pitches is finished:

After all the above processes are done, the field is finished to construct. Then fields can be used for sports and other functions.

  Reference video ( SOCCER field installation ):

  Reference video ( LANDSCAPING field installation ):

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