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CS shape ( spine in middle ) yarn is a C shape structure with spine reinforced.  To compare with most of the sports artificial grass, it has much better UP-RIGHT character which can ensure fibers stand up after players's stamping on fields. 

Based on advanced material technology, the fiber has great U/V resistance,  longer aging performance and better feeling. Artificial grass which adopts the yarn can be widely used in soccer, futsal, rugby and other sports fields.

model No EM-SG110-50CS EM-SG110-60CS
Height 50mm 60mm
Yarn C shape ( spine in middle )Mono-filament    /   11000dtex
Stitches 8820/m2 8820/m2
Backing / Coating Bonar cloth      /      BASF latex
Warranty 6~7 years 6~7 years
Advantage Competitive price Higher density  -  Better feeling

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