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SPINE shape is a structure which has spine in yarn middle; the design’s inspiration comes from natural grass which has a spine to support whole blades.  Spine shape yarn has characters of ①higher wear resistance,  ②fast pile recovery,  ③good ball roll and bounce etc.

This is the first customized shape which learns from nature, the yarn is largely used almost 10 years. We are now supplying 7500dtex, 8800dtex and 11000dtex to meet different demands.

The product is specially designed for club soccer fields. It also can be used in futsal, rugby, baseball and multi-function sport fields.

Model No. EM-SG75Pro-40 EM-SG88Pro-50 EM-SG110Pro-50
Height 40mm 50mm 50mm
Yarn Mono-filament ( Spine shape )
DTEX 7500 8800 11000
Stitches 12600/m2 8820/m2 9450/m2
Backing / Coating Bonar cloth     /     BASF latex
Warranty 4~5 years 5~6 years 6~7 years

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