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Infill Free ( Football ) artificial grass

Infill Free artificial grass is designed for football and sports fields.  To compare with normal football artificial grass, it need NO infill rubber and sand when construct football fields. 

Infill Free artificial grass is high density and can supply good ball performance and good ankle feeling. 

1. Produced by stronger mono-filament and curly yarn;

1-1 ). Stronger Straight ( mono-filament ) yarn

Straight yarn is higher DTEX model, we use the higher DTEX yarn to meet sports field requirement for synthetic turf.

1-2 ). Stronger curly yarn

The curly yarn is also thickened to endure heavy sports, it can supply more support for straight yarn, then to create a big density synthetic turf product

2. Product is high density

The products is introduced to meet high-end football synthetic turf field which do not want to infill rubber and sand.  The infill free synthetic turf field is soft feel,  good ball roll and bounce, it is also easy to construct and retrieve.

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