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Maintenance suggestions

1. Keep artificial grass and the neighbor ground clean.

2. Make sure there are enough dustbine around the artificial grass fields.

3. Control the fields using frequency

4. Don't smoke on artificial grass fields.

5. Repair the small damages timely.

6. Don't park cars on the artificial grass fields, especially when in hot days.

7. It is necessary to protect artificial grass with plywood and fiber if they are overloaded.  Make sure that carry on the maintenance twice a month during the busy time and one a month in other seasons.


1. Play gold, mobile shooting, javelin and throwing discus on artificial grass fields.

2. Fire, weld or do sports with spiked shoes on artificial grass fields.

3. The load of lawns is over 30PSI (static), 35PSI (dynamic)

4. Clean artificial grass with powerful water guns and other chemicals


1. Rain is the natural cleaner which can clean ground softly.

2. We suggest that clean artificial grass after using as soon as possible

3. It is easy to clean the solid wastes, such as paper, peanut shells and tape with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Clean the stains on PE yarn with water or soapy water, and remember to scour the soapy water completely after cleaning.

Drainage system

Clean drainage system frequently to make it works well.

Basic requirement

After installation, the artificial grass need more than 2 weeks to firm. During these days, we suggest that don't park cars or put heavy equipment on the lawns. DON'T clean arificial grass in hot days.

Suggested maintenance machine

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