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1.  Artificial grass storage:

All artificial grass products will be manufactured under restricted quality standard. Artificial grass products will be stored in right place to wait for shipment after manufacturing.

2.  Loading preparation :

Before container coming, artificial grass will be transfered to loading area. Logistic department will check order finally. When containers come, products will be loaded timely and correctly.

3.  Container loading :

Only experienced operators are allowed to load artificial grass into container.Because most of damages are occured during container loading process. Our loading is full of safe.

4.  Container loading  :

Experienced operator can protect products. They also can make full use of shipping space.It can save shipping cost for clients. The experience comes from long time and big quantity loading works.

5.  Shipment information :

After products loaded, salesman will send container information and loading pictures to clients.Salesman will work with shipping company to ensure safter shipment and share shipment information with clients.


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