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As we all know, artificial grass products are longer time performance and easy to maintain.  They are also " living " products.

Except the design which supplied by manufacturer, end users also can design artificial grass by their own demand. SinoTurf can meet clients' demand by these technologies.

Advanced production machine:

Our company has world-class tufting and finishing machine to manufacture 8mm~70mm with 5/32'', 5/16'', 5/8'', 3/8'', 3/4'' gauge. 

Abundant yarn choice:

We have fibrillated, mono-filament and mono-filament+curly yarn. We only choose the best model yarns from reliable suppliers. It ensure us the best design and quality.

Great quality backing system:

Backing system will define the quality of whole artificial grass system. Our company works with BONAR cloth and BASF, these products ensure us the best quality backing system.

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